Triple Canopy


If the Limbs Grow Too Large for the Body by Triple Canopy
Total runtime: 25:34 | Three-channel color video with four-channel sound
RISD Museum Providence, RI | November 22, 2019 - October 24, 2020.

I worked as this project’s lead video editor as well as a contributor to the concept and direction. For more information, you can read about Triple Canopy’s installation ‘Can I Leave You?’ at the RISD Museum


Parts of Speech by Triple Canopy and Public Fiction at the MCA Chicago

Series of speeches that ask how to win trust, mold opinion, and orchestrate movements. With Julio Torres, Hari Kunzru, Steffani Jemison, Tomeka Reid, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, and Astra Taylor.

I worked as lead video editor for this project alongside C. Spencer Yeh. For more information, visit Triple Canopy’s website to read about ‘Parts of Speech’ and watch the videos in full.


Answers with Questions by Gregg Bordowitz and Triple Canopy

Answers with Questions is an advice show in which Gregg Bordowitz, the host, responds to questions from viewers on matters existential and mundane, about the nature of being or how to get up in the morning. For this three-episode streaming series, Bordowitz and his cohosts do what they can to guide viewers through the dilemmas of life during a pandemic and political upheaval.

I worked as this project’s lead video producer. To watch the show, please visit Triple Canopy’s website.