Comfort, TX

Total run time: 15:02
HD video, stereo, color

My grandfather calls it “paradise,” while my grandmother struggles to climb the stairs. He is referring to their retirement home, where they currently have a room on the second floor and no access to an elevator. This home, called The Altenheim, is located in the small, rural town of Comfort, TX. Last time I visited, my grandmother asked my grandfather what day he was going to die. His sister died on Christmas, his brother on Valentine’s Day. My grandmother suggested Easter, as she is devoutly religious, while my mother, forever a smart ass, suggested April Fool’s. They moved into the home in 2016 after each putting down a one-time payment of $1,000. They are fed three meals a day. My grandfather plays dominoes every night. They’re nearing the end of their lives and choosing to spend their last years frugally. Short documentary film produced for my Modern Culture and Media Honors Thesis at Brown University. Recipient of 2018 Brown Arts Initiative Student Grant.

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